The Petersen Christmas

The Petersen Christmas

Show Description

The Petersens – The best show in Branson for authentic music, clean comedy and family values.

The Petersens, an award-winning family band, will knock your socks off with their sibling humor and a top-notched bluegrass sound. The band performs traditional bluegrass standards with a contemporary twist for a music style that appeals to audience members of all ages. To the mix, The Petersens add gospel acapella, original songs and yodeling to completely satisfy the bluegrass appetite of the audience. The Petersens have been able to travel all around the world sharing their music with multiple tours to Canada, Ireland, and recently, Finland. In 2018 the family placed fourth in the International Bluegrass Competition hosted in Nashville, TN.

The Petersens have an all-gospel show on Wednesdays featuring songs that will warm your heart and lift your soul. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the band features more of their bluegrass style and even shares some of their own original music and songs they learned in Ireland. The Petersens grew up in the military with their father serving for 23 years in the United States Air Force and do a heartwarming veterans tribute at all of their shows.

For 90 minutes of great bluegrass family entertainment, you won’t want to miss The Petersens. For more information take a look at their official website: THE PETERSENS

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