The Little Things

The Little Things

2h 15min | R


Release Date: January 27, 2021

Genres: Thriller, Crime

Director: John Lee Hancock


Deke, a burnt-out Kern County, CA deputy sheriff teams with Baxter, a crack LASD detective, to nab a serial killer. Deke's nose for the "little things" proves eerily accurate, but his willingness to circumvent the rules embroils Baxter in a soul-shattering dilemma. Meanwhile, Deke must wrestle with a dark secret from his past.

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  • Portrait of Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington

    Joe "Deke" Deacon

  • Portrait of Rami Malek

    Rami Malek

    Jim Baxter

  • Portrait of Jared Leto

    Jared Leto

    Albert Sparma

  • Portrait of Sofia Vassilieva

    Sofia Vassilieva

    Tina Salvatore

  • Portrait of Natalie Morales

    Natalie Morales

  • Portrait of Joris Jarsky

    Joris Jarsky

    Detective Rogers

  • Portrait of Sheila Houlahan

    Sheila Houlahan

  • Portrait of John Harlan Kim

    John Harlan Kim

  • Portrait of Tom Hughes

    Tom Hughes

  • Portrait of Jason James Richter

    Jason James Richter

    Detective Dennis Williams

  • Portrait of Chris Bauer

    Chris Bauer

    Sal Rizoli

  • Portrait of Stephanie Erb

    Stephanie Erb

    Phyllis Rathbun

  • Portrait of Terry Kinney

    Terry Kinney

    Captain Farris

  • Portrait of Michael Hyatt

    Michael Hyatt

    Flo Dunigan

  • Portrait of Kerry O'Malley

    Kerry O'Malley

    Mrs. Roberts

  • Portrait of Dimiter D. Marinov

    Dimiter D. Marinov


  • Portrait of Isabel Arraiza

    Isabel Arraiza

    Anna Baxter

  • Portrait of Jeff Corbett

    Jeff Corbett

    Bill Rathman

  • Portrait of Ben Sanders

    Ben Sanders

    Delinquent Kid #1

  • Portrait of Emil Beheshti

    Emil Beheshti

    Forensics Lab

  • Portrait of Thomas Crawford

    Thomas Crawford


  • Portrait of Patricia Mizen

    Patricia Mizen


  • Portrait of J. Downing

    J. Downing


  • Portrait of Rick Lawrence

    Rick Lawrence

    Lab Technician

  • Portrait of Hank Northrop

    Hank Northrop

    LAPD Cop #3

  • Portrait of Jack Topalian

    Jack Topalian

    AAA Appliance Owner

  • Portrait of Eric Satterberg

    Eric Satterberg

    Tech #1

  • Portrait of Bob Golub

    Bob Golub


  • Portrait of Peter Nikkos

    Peter Nikkos

    Criminalist Santo 'Tru' Trujillo

  • Portrait of Bradley James

    Bradley James

    LAPD #1

  • Portrait of Sean Spann

    Sean Spann

    Moon Suit

  • Portrait of Adam J. Harrington

    Adam J. Harrington

    Greg Alberts

  • Portrait of Ebony N Mayo

    Ebony N Mayo

    Tamara Ewing


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