The Great Turkey Town Miracle

The Great Turkey Town Miracle

1h 30min | FAM


Release Date: November 10, 2023

Genres: Family

Director: Angus Benfield


Widowed morning-drive DJ Connor McCloud's radio station has been sold and there is no longer a need for a morning drive DJ so he is let go. With two daughters in high school, Connor must start looking for new employment immediately. With good jobs few and far between, especially for a middle-aged DJ, he meets Ethan, a believing homeless man who encourages him and after many failed job interviews, miraculously, the House of Hope, a busy homeless shelter, hires Connor to be their Procurement Director. His first assignment? To obtain 4,000 frozen turkeys for needy families on Thanksgiving Day, just one month away! One thing is certain: he will require a miracle to pull this off.

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  • Portrait of Cameron Arnett

    Cameron Arnett

    Ethan Magus

  • Portrait of Corey Cannon

    Corey Cannon


  • Angus Benfield

    Connor McCloud

  • Sharon Oliphant


  • Emma Donovan-Mendenhall

    Jamie McCloud

  • Melissa Blanco

    Amanda Hartwick

  • Jessica Rae

    Connie Baxter


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