The Boys in the Boat

The Boys in the Boat

2h 04min | PG-13


Release Date: December 25, 2023

Genres: Drama, History

Director: George Clooney


The triumphant underdog story of the University of Washington men's rowing team, who stunned the world by winning gold at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

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  • Portrait of Callum Turner

    Callum Turner

    Joe Rantz

  • Portrait of Joel Edgerton

    Joel Edgerton

    Coach Al Ulbrickson

  • Portrait of Jack Mulhern

    Jack Mulhern

    Don Hume

  • Portrait of Sam Strike

    Sam Strike

    Roger Morris

  • Portrait of Luke Slattery

    Luke Slattery

    Bobby Moch

  • Portrait of Thomas Elms

    Thomas Elms

    Chuck Day

  • Portrait of Tom Varey

    Tom Varey

    Johnny White

  • Portrait of Bruce Herbelin-Earle

    Bruce Herbelin-Earle

    Shorty Hunt

  • Portrait of Wil Coban

    Wil Coban

    Jim McMillin

  • Portrait of Hadley Robinson

    Hadley Robinson

    Joyce Simdars

  • Portrait of Chris Diamantopoulos

    Chris Diamantopoulos

    Royal Brougham

  • Portrait of James Wolk

    James Wolk

    Coach Tom Bolles

  • Portrait of Courtney Henggeler

    Courtney Henggeler

    Hazel Ulbrickson

  • Portrait of Alec Newman

    Alec Newman

    Harry Rantz

  • Portrait of Peter Guinness

    Peter Guinness

    George Pocock

  • Portrait of Laurel Lefkow

    Laurel Lefkow

    UW Registrar

  • Portrait of Sam Douglas

    Sam Douglas

    Henry Burke

  • Portrait of Jaymes Butler

    Jaymes Butler

    Charlie Rylie

  • Portrait of Chris Wilson

    Chris Wilson

    Hermann Göring

  • Portrait of Jacob James Beswick

    Jacob James Beswick

    Harvey Love

  • Portrait of Joel Phillimore

    Joel Phillimore

    Gordy Adam

  • Portrait of Glenn Wrage

    Glenn Wrage

    Coach Ky Ebright

  • Portrait of Edward Baker-Duly

    Edward Baker-Duly

    Benjamin Billings

  • Portrait of John Ammirati

    John Ammirati

    NY Radio DJ


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