The Batman

The Batman

2h 56min | PG-13


Release Date: March 1, 2022

Genres: Crime, Mystery, Thriller

Director: Matt Reeves


In his second year of fighting crime, Batman uncovers corruption in Gotham City that connects to his own family while facing a serial killer known as the Riddler.

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  • Portrait of Robert Pattinson

    Robert Pattinson

    Bruce Wayne / The Batman

  • Portrait of Zoë Kravitz

    Zoë Kravitz

    Selina Kyle / Catwoman

  • Portrait of Paul Dano

    Paul Dano

    Edward Nashton / The Riddler

  • Portrait of Jeffrey Wright

    Jeffrey Wright

    Lt. James Gordon

  • Portrait of John Turturro

    John Turturro

    Carmine Falcone

  • Portrait of Peter Sarsgaard

    Peter Sarsgaard

    District Attorney Gil Colson

  • Portrait of Andy Serkis

    Andy Serkis

    Alfred Pennyworth

  • Portrait of Colin Farrell

    Colin Farrell

    Oswald 'Oz' Cobblepot / The Penguin

  • Portrait of Jayme Lawson

    Jayme Lawson

    Bella Reál

  • Portrait of Gil Perez-Abraham

    Gil Perez-Abraham

    Officer Martinez

  • Portrait of Peter McDonald

    Peter McDonald


  • Portrait of Con O'Neill

    Con O'Neill

    Chief Mackenzie Bock

  • Portrait of Alex Ferns

    Alex Ferns

    Commissioner Pete Savage

  • Portrait of Rupert Penry-Jones

    Rupert Penry-Jones

    Mayor Don Mitchell, Jr.

  • Portrait of Charlie Carver

    Charlie Carver

    The Twins

  • Portrait of Max Carver

    Max Carver

    The Twins

  • Portrait of Barry Keoghan

    Barry Keoghan

    Unseen Arkham Prisoner

  • Portrait of Kosha Engler

    Kosha Engler

    Mrs. Mitchell

  • Archie Barnes

    Mitchell's Son

  • Janine Harouni


  • Hana Hrzic


  • Joseph Walker

    Young Riddler

  • Portrait of Luke Roberts

    Luke Roberts

    Thomas Wayne

  • Oscar Novak

    Young Bruce Wayne

  • Portrait of Stella Stocker

    Stella Stocker

    Martha Wayne

  • Portrait of Sandra Dickinson

    Sandra Dickinson


  • Jack Bennett


  • Andre Nightingale


  • Richard James-Neale


  • Lorraine Tai


  • Portrait of Joseph Balderrama

    Joseph Balderrama

    Lead Detective

  • Portrait of James Eeles

    James Eeles

    Another Officer

  • Portrait of Dave Simon

    Dave Simon

    Police Chief Hanrahan

  • Portrait of Angela Yeoh

    Angela Yeoh

    Forensic Photographer

  • Portrait of Leemore Marrett Jr.

    Leemore Marrett Jr.

    Muscle Cop

  • Ezra Elliott

    Tactical Medic

  • Itoya Osagiede

    Hushed G.C.P.D. Detective

  • Portrait of Stewart Alexander

    Stewart Alexander

    FBI Leader

  • Adam Rojko Vega

    SWAT (City Hall)

  • Heider Ali

    Officer (City Hall)

  • Portrait of Marcus Onilude

    Marcus Onilude

    Traffic Cop (City Hall)

  • Portrait of Elena Saurel

    Elena Saurel

    Detective on Phone

  • Portrait of Ed Kear

    Ed Kear

    Surly Cop

  • Portrait of Sid Sagar

    Sid Sagar

    Digital Forensics Cop

  • Portrait of Amanda Blake

    Amanda Blake

    Command Crisis Tech

  • Portrait of Todd Boyce

    Todd Boyce

    Fire Marshall

  • Brandon Bassir

    Young Officer

  • Will Austin

    Traffic Cop

  • Portrait of Chabris Napier-Lawrence

    Chabris Napier-Lawrence

    Cop (Mayor's Memorial)

  • Portrait of Douglas Russell

    Douglas Russell

    Bitter Nobody

  • Portrait of Phil Aizlewood

    Phil Aizlewood

    Falcone Bodyguard

  • Portrait of Mark Killeen

    Mark Killeen


  • Portrait of Philip Shaun McGuinness

    Philip Shaun McGuinness

    Elevator Guard

  • Portrait of Lorna Brown

    Lorna Brown


  • Portrait of Elliot Warren

    Elliot Warren

    Train Gang Leader

  • Portrait of Jay Lycurgo

    Jay Lycurgo

    Young Train Gang Member

  • Stefan Race

    Train Gang Member #1

  • Portrait of Elijah Baker

    Elijah Baker

    Train Gang Member #2

  • Craige Middleburg

    Train Gang Member #3

  • Portrait of Akie Kotabe

    Akie Kotabe

    Lone Train Passenger

  • Spike Fearn


  • Urielle Klein-Mekongo


  • Portrait of Bronson Webb

    Bronson Webb

    Hooded Gunman

  • Madeleine Gray

    Injured Woman

  • Portrait of Ste Johnston

    Ste Johnston


  • Portrait of Arthur Lee

    Arthur Lee


  • Portrait of Parry Glasspool

    Parry Glasspool

    Scared Drophead

  • Jordan Coulson

    Man in Suit

  • Hadas Gold


  • Pat Battle


  • Bobby Cuza


  • Dean Meminger


  • Roma Torre


  • Portrait of Mike Cappozola

    Mike Cappozola


  • Portrait of Amanda Hurwitz

    Amanda Hurwitz


  • Joshua Eldridge-Smith

    Patrol Cop

  • Daniel Rainford

    Suspicious Man

  • Portrait of Nathalie Armin

    Nathalie Armin

    ATF Leader

  • Portrait of Jose Palma

    Jose Palma

    Command Post #1

  • Kazeem Tosin Amore

    Command Post #2


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