Ready Player One 2D

Ready Player One 2D

2h 20min | PG-13


Release Date: March 28, 2018

Genres: Adventure, Science Fiction, Action

Director: Steven Spielberg


When the creator of a popular video game system dies, a virtual contest is created to compete for his fortune.

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  • Portrait of Tye Sheridan

    Tye Sheridan

    Wade Watts / Parzival

  • Portrait of Olivia Cooke

    Olivia Cooke

    Samantha Cook / Art3mis

  • Portrait of Ben Mendelsohn

    Ben Mendelsohn

    Nolan Sorrento

  • Portrait of Lena Waithe

    Lena Waithe

    Helen / Aech

  • Portrait of T.J. Miller

    T.J. Miller


  • Portrait of Simon Pegg

    Simon Pegg

    Ogden Morrow / The Curator

  • Portrait of Mark Rylance

    Mark Rylance

    James Donovan Halliday / Anorak

  • Philip Zhao

    Akihide Karatsu / Sho

  • Portrait of Win Morisaki

    Win Morisaki

    Toshiro Yoshiaki / Daito

  • Portrait of Hannah John-Kamen

    Hannah John-Kamen

    F'Nale Zandor

  • Portrait of Ralph Ineson

    Ralph Ineson


  • Portrait of Susan Lynch

    Susan Lynch


  • Portrait of Clare Higgins

    Clare Higgins

    Mrs. Gilmore

  • Portrait of Perdita Weeks

    Perdita Weeks


  • Portrait of Cara Pifko

    Cara Pifko


  • Portrait of Vic Chao

    Vic Chao


  • Portrait of Cara Theobold

    Cara Theobold


  • Portrait of Isaac Andrews

    Isaac Andrews

    Young Halliday

  • Joel MacCormack

    Sixer #6655

  • Portrait of Kit Connor

    Kit Connor

    Reb Kid

  • Leo Heller

    Reb Kid

  • Antonio Mattera

    Reb Kid

  • Portrait of Ronke Adekoluejo

    Ronke Adekoluejo

    Sorrento's Assistant

  • Portrait of Lynne Wilmot

    Lynne Wilmot

    Pole Dancer

  • Portrait of Letitia Wright

    Letitia Wright

    Reb (Safe House)

  • Kae Alexander

    Reb (Safe House)

  • Portrait of Michael Wildman

    Michael Wildman

    Sixer Drill Instructor

  • Portrait of Lulu Wilson

    Lulu Wilson

    Elementary Kid

  • Adolfo Álvarez

    Elementary Kid

  • Alonso Alvarez

    Elementary Kid

  • Jadah Marie

    Elementary Kid

  • Portrait of Mckenna Grace

    Mckenna Grace

    Elementary Kid

  • Arianna Jaffier

    High School Kid

  • Portrait of Armani Jackson

    Armani Jackson

    High School Kid

  • Portrait of Britain Dalton

    Britain Dalton

    High School Kid

  • Portrait of Jacob Bertrand

    Jacob Bertrand

    High School Kid

  • Portrait of Daniel Zolghadri

    Daniel Zolghadri

    High School Kid

  • Portrait of Julia Nickson

    Julia Nickson


  • Kiera Bell

    IOI Staff

  • William Gross

    Ten-Year Old Kid

  • Gareth Mason

    Chubby Guy

  • Portrait of Samantha Russell

    Samantha Russell



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