2h 25min | R


Release Date: July 20, 2022

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Science Fiction, Thriller

Director: Jordan Peele


Residents in a lonely gulch of inland California bear witness to an uncanny, chilling discovery.

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  • Portrait of Daniel Kaluuya

    Daniel Kaluuya

    OJ Haywood

  • Portrait of Keke Palmer

    Keke Palmer

    Emerald 'Em' Haywood

  • Portrait of Steven Yeun

    Steven Yeun

    Ricky 'Jupe' Park

  • Portrait of Brandon Perea

    Brandon Perea

    Angel Torres

  • Portrait of Michael Wincott

    Michael Wincott

    Antlers Holst

  • Portrait of Keith David

    Keith David

    Otis Haywood Sr.

  • Portrait of Wrenn Schmidt

    Wrenn Schmidt

    Amber Park

  • Portrait of Terry Notary

    Terry Notary


  • Portrait of Barbie Ferreira

    Barbie Ferreira


  • Portrait of Devon Graye

    Devon Graye

    Ryder Muybridge

  • Portrait of Donna Mills

    Donna Mills

    Bonnie Clayton

  • Portrait of Oz Perkins

    Oz Perkins

    Fynn Bachman

  • Jacob Kim

    Young Ricky 'Jupe' Park

  • Portrait of Sophia Coto

    Sophia Coto

    Mary Jo Elliot

  • Portrait of Jennifer Lafleur

    Jennifer Lafleur

    Phyllis Mayberry / Margaret Houston

  • Portrait of Andrew Patrick Ralston

    Andrew Patrick Ralston

    Tom Bogan / Brett Houston

  • Portrait of Lincoln Lambert

    Lincoln Lambert

    Kolton Park

  • Portrait of Pierce Kang

    Pierce Kang

    Phoenix Park

  • Roman Gross

    Max Park

  • Portrait of Ryan W. Garcia

    Ryan W. Garcia

    Officer Reyes

  • Portrait of Conor Kawalski

    Conor Kawalski


  • Portrait of Eddie Jemison

    Eddie Jemison


  • Portrait of Alex Hyde-White

    Alex Hyde-White


  • Portrait of Evan Shafran

    Evan Shafran

    Studio Security Guard

  • Mark Casimir Dyniewicz Jr.

    Fry's Customer

  • Hetty Chang

    Hetty Chang

  • Portrait of Liza Treyger

    Liza Treyger

    Commercial Makeup Artist

  • Courtney Stephens

    Mrs. Dolan

  • Caden J. Lovgren

    Jupiter's Claim Horse Wrangler

  • Malcolm Jae O'Shea

    Jupiter's Claim Outlaw


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