Let Him Go

Let Him Go

2h 00min | R


Release Date: November 5, 2020

Genres: Drama, Thriller, Crime

Director: Thomas Bezucha


A retired sheriff and his wife fight to rescue their grandson from a dangerous off-grid family upon the death of their son.

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  • Portrait of Diane Lane

    Diane Lane

    Margaret Blackledge

  • Portrait of Kevin Costner

    Kevin Costner

    George Blackledge

  • Portrait of Kayli Carter

    Kayli Carter

    Lorna Blackledge

  • Portrait of Ryan Bruce

    Ryan Bruce

    James Blackledge

  • Otto Hornung

    Jimmy Blackledge

  • Bram Hornung

    Jimmy Blackledge

  • Portrait of Lesley Manville

    Lesley Manville

    Blanche Weboy

  • Portrait of Will Brittain

    Will Brittain

    Donnie Weboy

  • Portrait of Jeffrey Donovan

    Jeffrey Donovan

    Bill Weboy

  • Connor Mackay

    Elton Weboy

  • Adam Stafford

    Marvin Weboy

  • Portrait of Booboo Stewart

    Booboo Stewart

    Peter Dragswolf

  • Portrait of Greg Lawson

    Greg Lawson

    Gladstone Sheriff

  • Portrait of Bradley Stryker

    Bradley Stryker

    Sheriff Nevelson

  • William Hochman


  • John Treleaven

    Justice of the Peace

  • Portrait of Heather Lea MacCallum

    Heather Lea MacCallum


  • Portrait of Ryan Northcott

    Ryan Northcott


  • Ravonna Dow


  • Kira Bradley

    Montgomery Ward Customer

  • Portrait of Aidan Moreno

    Aidan Moreno

    Montgomery Ward Manager

  • Portrait of Judith Buchan

    Judith Buchan

    Ressler's Waitress

  • Marilyn Potts

    Ressler's Cashier

  • Vanessa Holmes

    Restaurant Mom

  • Tayden Marks

    Bag Boy

  • Portrait of Bryn Roy

    Bryn Roy

    Night Deputy

  • Finn Lee-Epp

    Young James

  • Caillou Pettis

    Cart Boy (uncredited)


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