Killers of the Flower Moon

Killers of the Flower Moon

3h 26min | R


Release Date: October 18, 2023

Genres: Crime, Drama, History

Director: Martin Scorsese


When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one—until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.

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  • Portrait of Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Ernest Burkhart

  • Portrait of Lily Gladstone

    Lily Gladstone

    Mollie Burkhart

  • Portrait of Robert De Niro

    Robert De Niro

    William King Hale

  • Portrait of Jesse Plemons

    Jesse Plemons

    Tom White

  • Portrait of Tantoo Cardinal

    Tantoo Cardinal

    Lizzie Q

  • Portrait of Scott Shepherd

    Scott Shepherd

    Byron Burkhart

  • Portrait of Jason Isbell

    Jason Isbell

    Bill Smith

  • Portrait of William Belleau

    William Belleau

    Henry Roan

  • Portrait of Cara Jade Myers

    Cara Jade Myers


  • Portrait of John Lithgow

    John Lithgow

    Prosecutor Peter Leaward

  • Portrait of Brendan Fraser

    Brendan Fraser

    W.S. Hamilton

  • Portrait of JaNae Collins

    JaNae Collins


  • Portrait of Jillian Dion

    Jillian Dion


  • Portrait of Louis Cancelmi

    Louis Cancelmi

    Kelsie Morrison

  • Portrait of Tommy Schultz

    Tommy Schultz

    Blackie Thompson

  • Everett Waller

    Paul Red Eagle

  • Tahlee Redcorn

    Non-Hon-Zhin-Ga / Traditional Leader

  • Yancey Red Corn

    Chief Bonnicastle

  • Portrait of Tatanka Means

    Tatanka Means

    John Wren

  • Portrait of Sturgill Simpson

    Sturgill Simpson

    Henry Grammer

  • Ty Mitchell

    John Ramsey

  • Portrait of Gary Basaraba

    Gary Basaraba

    Detective Burns

  • Portrait of Charlie Musselwhite

    Charlie Musselwhite

    Alvin Reynolds

  • Portrait of Pat Healy

    Pat Healy

    Agent John Burger

  • Portrait of Steve Witting

    Steve Witting

    Dr. James Shoun

  • Portrait of Steve Routman

    Steve Routman

    Dr. David Shoun

  • Portrait of Gene Jones

    Gene Jones

    Pitts Beatty

  • Portrait of Michael Abbott Jr.

    Michael Abbott Jr.

    Agent Frank Smith

  • Portrait of J. C. MacKenzie

    J. C. MacKenzie

    Radio Announcer

  • Portrait of Jack White

    Jack White

    Radio Show Actor

  • Portrait of Larry Sellers

    Larry Sellers


  • Portrait of Barry Corbin

    Barry Corbin

    Undertaker Turton

  • Portrait of Gabriel Casdorph

    Gabriel Casdorph

    Joe Jones

  • Portrait of Samuel French

    Samuel French

    Agent CJ Robinson

  • Wally Welch

    Bob Mount

  • James Roman Dailey Jr.

    Baby Namer

  • Christopher Cote

    Baby Namer (for Anna)

  • Portrait of Randy Houser

    Randy Houser

    Scott Mathis

  • Moe Headrick

    Sheriff Freas

  • Pete Yorn

    Acie Kirby

  • Margaret Shannon-Sisk

    Wife of Pipe Keeper / Wailing Relative

  • Moira Redcorn

    Prologue Wailer

  • Portrait of Eric Parkinson

    Eric Parkinson

    Deputy Marshal

  • Chase Parker

    Osage at Oil Discovery / Fairfax Explosion Responder

  • Jarad Looper

    Osage at Oil Discover

  • Portrait of John Gibbs

    John Gibbs

    Osage at Oil Discover

  • Jerry Logsdon

    Osage at Oil Discover

  • Jacob Lux

    Osage at Oil Discover

  • Xavier Toehay

    Osage at Oil Discover

  • Mike Cook

    Hawker at Train

  • Portrait of Katherine Willis

    Katherine Willis

    Myrtie Hale

  • Delani Chambers

    Willie Hale

  • Zachary Hokeah

    Osage Dying from Poison

  • Talon Satepauhoodle

    John Whitehair

  • Jennifer Rader

    Sara Butler

  • Chance Rush

    Bill Stepson

  • Dana Daylight

    Anna Sanford

  • Mahada Sanders

    Rose Lewis

  • Portrait of Ben Hall

    Ben Hall

    Sara's Murderer

  • John Q. Wilson

    Bank Clerk

  • Portrait of Beau Smith

    Beau Smith

    Photos Hustler #1

  • Portrait of Victor McCay

    Victor McCay

    Photos Hustler #2

  • Portrait of Nathalie Standingcloud

    Nathalie Standingcloud

    Roan Girlfriend

  • Portrait of Jay Paulson

    Jay Paulson

    Car Salesman

  • Marvin E. Stepson Jr.

    Osage Family Buying Car

  • Tracey Ann Moore

    Osage Family Buying Car

  • Easton Wade Yellowfish

    Osage Family Buying Car

  • Reignen Yellowfish

    Osage Family Buying Car

  • Candice Costello

    Catherine Cole

  • Father Chris Daigle

    Catholic Priest

  • Portrait of Justin France

    Justin France

    Card Player

  • Jerry Wolf

    Fred Denoya (Robbed)

  • Addie Roanhorse

    Mrs. DeNoya (Robbed)

  • Erica Pretty Eagle Moore

    Baby Naming Mother #1 / Bridesmaid

  • Mason Cunningham

    Baby Naming Father

  • Portrait of Norma Jean

    Norma Jean

    Vera (Mollie's Housekeeper)

  • Elisha Pratt

    Joseph Bigheart

  • Desireee Storm Brave

    Bertha Bigheart

  • Margaret Gray

    Grace Bigheart

  • Christopher Hill

    John Bigheart

  • Dolan Wilson

    Justice of the Peace

  • Jackie Wyatt

    Wedding Photographer

  • Portrait of Rayna Gellert

    Rayna Gellert

    Wedding Band Lead Fiddle

  • Nokosee Fields

    Wedding Band

  • Kieran Kane

    Wedding Band

  • Portrait of Lucas Ross

    Lucas Ross

    Wedding Band

  • Elijah Cemp Ragsdale

    Wedding Band

  • Vanessa Rose Pham

    Elizabeth Burkhart (Baby)

  • Terry Allen

    Uncle Jim

  • Portrait of Jo Harvey Allen

    Jo Harvey Allen

    Aunt Annie

  • Sarah Spurger

    Martha (Nanny)

  • Portrait of Joshua Close

    Joshua Close

    Horace Burkhart

  • Portrait of Elden Henson

    Elden Henson

    Duke Burkhart

  • Kinsleigh McNac

    Elizabeth Burkhart (2-3 years)

  • Roanin Davis

    Cowboy Burkhart (Baby)

  • David Fields

    Bob The Cab Driver

  • Anthony J. Harvey

    Charlie Whitehorn

  • Stephen Berkman

    Studio Photographer

  • William Alyn Hill

    Studio Vagrant #1

  • Joseph Spinelli

    Friendly Joe

  • Blaine Hall

    Studio Vagrant #2

  • Portrait of Brent Langdon

    Brent Langdon

    Barney McBride

  • Leland Prater

    Rex Theater Manager

  • DJ Whited

    Cave Outlaw

  • Elizabeth Waller

    Elizabeth Burkhart (3-5 Years)

  • Jessica Harjo

    Pearl (Henry's Girlfriend)

  • Portrait of Joey Oglesby

    Joey Oglesby

    Roy Bunch

  • Alexis Ann

    Mary Roan

  • Portrait of Lee Eddy

    Lee Eddy

    Mrs. Mackie

  • Gary S. Pratt

    Bank Manager

  • Portrait of Nathaniel Arcand

    Nathaniel Arcand

    Ancestor Warrior

  • Portrait of Kristin Keith

    Kristin Keith

    Speakeasy Prostitute

  • Bravery Nowlin

    Cowboy (2-3 Years)

  • Edward Gray Sr.

    Fleeing Osage Family

  • Angela Pratt

    Fleeing Osage Family

  • Henry Amos Gray

    Fleeing Osage Family

  • Samuel Gray

    Fleeing Osage Family

  • Edward Gray Jr.

    Fleeing Osage Family

  • Mamie Cozad

    Baby Anna (at naming)

  • Portrait of Shonagh Smith

    Shonagh Smith

    Nettie Brookshire

  • Joel Tallchief Lemon

    Fairfax Explosion Responder

  • Richard Lookout RulingHisSun

    Fairfax Explosion Responder

  • Brett Bower

    Fairfax Explosion Responder

  • Garrison Panzer

    Radio Announcer

  • River Rhoades

    Cowboy (4-5 Years)

  • Zack T. Morris

    Osage Delegation Member

  • Harrison Shackelford

    Osage Delegation Member

  • Alexis Waller

    Elizabeth Burkhart (5-6 years)

  • Mark Landon Smith

    President Coolidge

  • Tom Ashmore

    Tribal Council Interpreter

  • Myron F. Red Eagle

    Osage Man Town Dance

  • Dolores Marie Goodeagle

    Osage Woman Town Dance

  • Matt Tolentino

    Town Dance Band

  • Johnny Baier

    Town Dance Band

  • Gregory Fallis

    Town Dance Band

  • Patrick Bubert

    Town Dance Band

  • TJ Muller

    Town Dance Band

  • Will Reardon-Anderson

    Town Dance Band

  • Peter Reardon-Anderson

    Town Dance Band

  • Kyle Dillingham

    Town Dance Band

  • Jacob Johnson

    Town Dance Band

  • Jeffrey Stevenson

    Town Dance Band

  • Clint Rohr

    Town Dance Band

  • D. Reride Smith

    Hale's Ranch Hand

  • Portrait of James Healy Jr.

    James Healy Jr.

    2nd Insurance Man

  • Jeremy Goodvoice

    Pony Watching Man

  • Ron McMahan

    Old Timer

  • Seth Buckminster


  • Penny Potts

    Ballet Instructor

  • Melissa Tiger

    Pony Watching Woman

  • Portrait of Karen Garlitz

    Karen Garlitz

    Tillie's Stepson

  • Bronson Redeagle

    Tillie's Son

  • Jenny Paige Lynn

    Tillie's Daughter

  • Portrait of David Born

    David Born

    Kelsie's Lawyer

  • Portrait of Mary Buss

    Mary Buss

    John Ramsey's Wife

  • Portrait of Ted Welch

    Ted Welch

    Reporter #1

  • Portrait of Carl Palmer

    Carl Palmer

    Reporter #2

  • Tanner Brantley

    Marshall Gunman

  • Jezy Gray

    Hale's Secretary

  • Portrait of Steve Eastin

    Steve Eastin

    Judge John C. Pollock

  • Portrait of Joe Chrest

    Joe Chrest

    Lawyer Freeling

  • Brian Shoop

    Mr. Kraceon

  • Portrait of James Carroll

    James Carroll

    Mr. Solowey

  • Lux Britni Malaske

    Baby Anna (2 years)

  • Adam Washington


  • Portrait of Larry Jack Dotson

    Larry Jack Dotson


  • Portrait of Larry Fessenden

    Larry Fessenden

    Radio Voice (for Hale)

  • Portrait of Welker White

    Welker White

    Radio Voice (Hale's Relative)

  • Portrait of Martin Scorsese

    Martin Scorsese

    Radio Show Producer

  • Marko Costanzo

    Radio Sound Effects

  • Nicholas White

    Radio Sound Effects

  • Rob Fisher

    Radio Show Conductor

  • Portrait of Vince Giordano

    Vince Giordano

    Radio Show Band Leader

  • Paul Woodiel

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Andy Stein

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Sam Bardfeld

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Joe Boga

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Jon-Erik Kellso

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Jim Fryer

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Marc Phaneuf

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Mark Lopeman

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Chris Byars

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Portrait of Vinny Raniolo

    Vinny Raniolo

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Paul Wells

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Peter Yarin

    Radio Show Orchestra

  • Scott George

    End Celebration Osage Head Singer

  • Kenneth Bighorse Jr.

    End Celebration Osage Head Singer

  • Vann Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Head Singer

  • Anna L. Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Mason Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Norris Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Scott Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Paul Bighorse

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Taveah Ann George

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Wahwastoas J. Jones

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Dobbin Monoessy Knifechief

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Julia Lookout

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Jennifer Moses

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Francis Pipestem Jr.

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Michael Paul Pahsetopah

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Silas Satepauhoodle

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Cherylyn Oberly Satepauhoodle

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Charisse Satepauhoodle

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Lynette Satepauhoodle

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • John Shaw

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Angela Toineeta Satepauhoodle

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Alexandria Toineeta

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Ed Yellowfish

    End Celebration Osage Singer

  • Nick W. Nicholson

    Deputy Dodge (uncredited)

  • Danny Frost

    Lawyer (uncredited)


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