Godzilla Minus One in IMAX

Godzilla Minus One in IMAX

2h 00min | PG-13


Release Date: November 3, 2023

Genres: Action, Drama, Science Fiction

Director: Takashi Yamazaki


In postwar Japan, a new terror rises. Will the devastated people be able to survive... let alone fight back?

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  • Portrait of Ryunosuke Kamiki

    Ryunosuke Kamiki

    Koichi Shikishima

  • Portrait of Minami Hamabe

    Minami Hamabe

    Noriko Oishi

  • Portrait of Yuki Yamada

    Yuki Yamada

    Shiro Mizushima

  • Portrait of Munetaka Aoki

    Munetaka Aoki

    Sosaku Tachibana

  • Portrait of Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Hidetaka Yoshioka

    Kenji Noda

  • Portrait of Sakura Ando

    Sakura Ando

    Sumiko Ota

  • Portrait of Kuranosuke Sasaki

    Kuranosuke Sasaki

    Yoji Akitsu

  • Portrait of Mio Tanaka

    Mio Tanaka

    Captain Tatsuo Hotta

  • Portrait of Yuya Endo

    Yuya Endo

    Tadayuki Saito

  • Portrait of Kisuke Iida

    Kisuke Iida

    Akio Itagaki

  • Saki Nagatani



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